Keeping up with the 2020 consumer

Retailers have a lot to do to meet the demands of the modern customer, according to Nigel Read, sales manager at tech solutions company Cegid.

In his most recent article for the Cegid Blog, Read picked out social media, digital wallets and customer data gathering as the key ways technology is having an impact on the retail industry.

The comment piece suggested that retail executives are busy adjusting to the new reality of running their businesses in a tricky economy – a move, Read argued, is “preventing them from seeing the subtle shifts in consumer behaviour brought on by our increased accessibility to the internet and social media whilst on the move, and the innovations in retailing brought on by the internet itself”.

He added: “Retailing has been through major transformations in the past, and each time it’s been difficult to see the small changes before the cumulative effect is upon us.

“The most pressing question on retailer’s lips at the moment is “how will technology change the way that consumers shop?”

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