wnDirect gives innovation a seat at the board

wnDirect has proven its dedication to innovation by  giving it board-level authority.

Chloe Harris, head of innovation at wnDirect, has been promoted to the board-level position of innovation director.

wnDirect – which provides simple international delivery solutions for eCommerce retailers – has promoted Harris after two years working for the company. Her role consists of managing the company’s country portfolio with a view to expand the number of destinations it works in.

Harris keeps an eye on all projects and initiatives at the company and helps the teams adopt new, agile ways of working in order to bring ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

Harris said: “For each new project we consolidate project resource from around the business and from multiple disciplines: IT, international as well as new recruits. The staff at wnDirect have wide ranging, broad experiences which spans logistics and retail. This mix means that we really understand the implications of each new initiative and how its development and launch will ‘touch’ each of the business units as well as the potential pitfalls for those departments. By assuming this birds eye view from the outset we have been able to expedite the development and launch of some really exciting innovations.

“That’s not to say we rush, we don’t,” she added. “We have simply created a knowledgeable team of people that work really well together and understand and embrace this way of working. This approach has afforded us speed and agility but we also ensure everything we do is robust. This was a big part of why GeoPost invested in us. They view us as innovative in the true sense of the word, a critical factor in the fast paced world of eCommerce.”

Harris said the best innovations are those which offer a simple solution to common problems. For instance, shipping cosmetics and nail polishes which are flammable and labelled as hazardous. “But a solution that could manage such items would offer significant value to our retailers,” she explained.

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