Unique Secure’s MePOS now available worldwide

Unique Secure, which provides security solutions for payments and point of sale (PoS), has announced that its modular, self-diagnostic, fully brandable tablet PoS is now available worldwide.

Dubbed MePOS, the product was shortlisted for the Eye on Innovation award at this year’s RBTE, and was part of the Innovation Trail featured at the London Olympia retail technology event.

The company says the technology has the flexibility to set the PoS up in five different positions to create three modes of selling – from the traditional cashier mode with integrated or free standing PIN Entry Device (PED) to adjusting the set up to a standalone kiosk, to detaching the tablet and PED to provide a completely mobile point of sale (MPoS) solution.

David Rimer, Unique Secure CEO, said: “The MePOS is the first step in our strategy to revolutionise the retail counter and provide merchants with the power and flexibility they desperately need.

“With this product merchants can, for the first time, make the PoS a feature, designed to fit in with the look and style of the store. It is truly unlike any other PoS or tablet-based system out there. The modularity provides retailers with complete flexibility, with five different set up positions and the ability to switch easily between traditional, kiosk or MPoS mode.”

He added that one of the most innovative features of the product is its “intelligent diagnostic system” which is known internally as “the brain”.

“This not only runs across all devices attached but also performs set-up diagnostics every time it is switched on – in a similar way that your car does when the ignition is turned on.

“The brain also continually checks all devices are working as intended. In the unlikely event of a problem, the user is notified. This saves the retailer a significant amount of time and money on support calls and maintenance.”

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