New app launches to help merchandisers share visual feedback

A new application launches today, aimed at helping retail teams share feedback about their visual merchandising.

Foko, is a private photo sharing app, created specifically for retailers. The app helps merchandisers share their work through private, secure internal communications.

Retail teams on the ground can send images of their visual merchandising straight to regional managers or headquarters, in order to receive immediate visual feedback.

Ryan Amirault, former social media and digital marketing lead at Whole Foods, said: “Being able to share photos in this way is a game-changer. We can suddenly see what others are doing in real-time, collaborate on those ideas and constantly make improvements. Our employees are really excited about this way of working together and how it helps them better serve our customers”.

Foko’s new photo assignment feature, allows clients to:

  • Share pictures of displays
  • Annotate, like and discuss images
  • Assign photo collection tasks so staff can collect specific photos to keep a track of what is happening in store.

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